Fall Colorguard

The award-winning University City High School Colorguard is an auxiliary unit of the Centurion Sound Marching Band. In the fall, the Colorguard performs with the band at football halftime performances and competes with the marching band at field shows throughout Southern California.

All members are trained in dance and flag, and as they become more experienced, rifle and/or sabre. The Colorguard begins training following workshops and auditions in mid-May, usually rehearsing once a week through late spring and summertime, to learn basic dance and flag technique. It is here that they begin to know one another and begin to work as a team. All guard and band members attend the annual band camp in August before school starts, where they begin to learn their drill (or “spots” in band formations) for the competitive field show.

Colorguard members will enroll in Period 7 PE Marching Band and will receive PE credit for being on the team. During the fall season, the Colorguard practices with the band during period 7 on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, in addition to Wednesday evenings and select Saturdays.


When the Fall marching band season ends in mid-November, members begin training for the Winterguard season. Winterguard is a continuation of Period 7 PE Marching Band.

Winter Guard practices start around the last week of November and last throughout the season with two weeknight rehearsals a week and select Saturdays. Winterguard competitions are held indoors, in high school gyms, on Saturdays and occasional Sundays from January through April.