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Money for UCHS Music at no extra cost to you!

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With over 120 families in the UCHS Music Department, we can easily earn THOUSANDS of dollars for our students!


  • It's tax deductible

  • Hundreds of brands available including all major University City retailers

  • Use Scrip to buy groceries, holiday gifts, daily coffee, travel, etc.

  • If you shop, buy Amazon Scrip and turn around and use our Amazon link to maximize your earnings!

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Enrollment Information - ShopWithScrip

  • Email to receive the enrollment code

  • Follow the enrollment link above and copy/paste the enrollment code to get started

  • Link a bank account for payment, easy Scrip purchase, and card reloading

  • You pay only the face value of the card and a small service fee - UCHS Music Department gets the rebate

  • E-cards and reloads on your current cards can be used instantly

  • Physical card orders will be distributed once our Music Booster Scrip Coordinator submits the order and recieves the cards (you will be notified when the cards are ready for pickup or delivery, once every 4-6 weeks)

Go Mobile - RaiseRight Phone App


  • Use the app to carry your cards with you everywhere you go and continue to raise money for the UCHS Music Department

  • Download the app and use the same login credentials as your ShopWithScrip account

  • Open your Wallet on the app to see the e-cards you already have

  • Use the e-cards on your phone or print them to use at your local retailer

  • Purchase more e-cards directly from the app